VirginAirlines (virginblue) is an Australian airline that prides it’s self on being punctual.  They are known for being one of the best on time performers in the world.  In 2005 this web site has been used by many customers and consumers alike, who find it efficient and extremely helpful. 

The main home page you open up is very eye catching to say the least.  The color red predominantly covers the page with some white.   One very useful tool noticeable is the quote section on the left side of the page under their logo Virgin blue.  They know people want to view prices before they officially book anything.  This tool is easy to use with drop down boxes for dates and destinations.

A part of this main home page that might not jump out at you, but you should really take note of is on the bottom left side.  It has little picture icons in boxes with the actual words right next to it.  Things like group bookings to account logins can be done here.  If you’re looking for very straight forward things on this Virginairline website then look no further then the bar at the top of the page.  This bar listing has six separate pages it can take you too.   Presently you are on the home page which automatically opens when you come to this site. 

Next to the home page you will see bookings in a little black box (if not highlighted).  This page is not only for booking but gives a list in the center of the page with other options as well.  It has list of specials, corporate login, and even travel insurance.  The quote section on the main home page also stays visible for you to use.  More site description in a moment...,, are often searched throught the major internet engines.  Although very similar these terms (,, will not likely find the appropriate website.  We provide the proper virginairlines (virginblue) contact details at the end of the article.

The products page has the same concept of the list in the center of the page and whatever sparks your interest click on it and it will take you to another page of information.  Don’t miss out on the very first product listed, that being blue holidays.  Sometimes these get overlooked but VirginAirlines was clever to put it on top.  This has their holiday program with really great vacation ideas for anyone to take advantage of.

Flight info is next on the top bar and it gives up to date accurate information about schedules and other things everyone should read before flying, and that’s found under dangerous goods.  It even has on board menus and merchandise you can view before your flight.  Take note that only Australian dollars are accepted.  Credit Card transactions are unavailable. 

The about us category has interesting articles you can read about awards they have won, security awareness, investor information, partners to the company and many more then these things that have been listed.  You have probably noticed by now with all these pages one thing consistently is on every page, and that is pictures of their happy employees.  VirginAirline employees enjoy their jobs and that is so evident in their warm caring smiles we have come to see.

Finally the last page you come to is called help & info.  Here you will have an opportunity to contact VirginAirline with any questions or concerns that may arise.   For general enquires/suggestions calling from international locations
Call:  +61 7 3295 2296
Their official website address is for more information.

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